Dean's Bulk Service, Inc. is a fully integrated family owned company, which can be broken down into five departments;

Lubricants Department
The Lubricants department represents Chevron Global Lubricants for Northwestern Minnesota, all of North Dakota, and the Eastern half of South Dakota. Dean's Bulk Service has warehouses strategically located in Barnesville, MN, Bismarck, ND, and Sioux Falls, SD, with route deliveries covering the entire territory.

Propane Department
The Propane department supplies propane to residential, commercial, and agricultural (Crop Dryer's) needs. Dean's Bulk Service purchased Fossen Oil and Propane of Pelican Rapids in 2006, and is proud to supply the Pelican Rapids area, as well as a large area surrounding Barnesville.

Fuels Department
The Fuels Department supplies gasoline and distillates to a variety of customers. Whether it is a 8500 Gallon delivery of gas to the local gas station, or 150 gallons of furnace oil to a house, we are ready to deliver. The Fuels Department distributes to farm, home, and commercial customers throughout the Red River Valley.

Transportation Department
The Transportation department delivers products throughout the Red River Valley. Dean's Bulk Service has six gasoline and fuel transports ready to haul products to our own customer base, in addition to hauling to other jobbers in Minnesota and North Dakota.

C-Store Department
The C-Store department consists of the Barnesville C-Store, Sabin C-Store, and the Comstock Express 24.

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